bride and groom looking into each others eyes

This is what love looks like… real, emotional, beautiful love. Megan and Jesse are a new favorite couple of mine, they are kind-hearted, and just downright genuine people. I’ve enjoyed being a part of their story. I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Here Is Their Love Story! =)

“I met Jesse my freshmen year at Eastern Kentucky University. We were riding the same elevator with a mutual friend who introduced us. We spoke briefly & then went on with our day. But I kept thinking about him. Something about his eyes, his smirk.. it stayed with me. I could spot him out on campus so easily. A few days later, our mutual friend told me he’d been asking about me. With all the butterflies in my stomach, I added him on Facebook (thank God for social media, right? Haha). He messaged me immediately. That led to a date… & three months later, we were officially dating.

Flash Forward 10 Years..

With millions of ups & downs throughout the years, our love has truly stood the test of time. We welcomed a beautiful baby boy in September of 2016. Six months later, Jesse surprised me with a ring. Those eyes & that smirk.. they still give me the biggest butterflies. I’ve always known that I wanted to spend forever with him. I’m so thankful he chose me, too.” – Megan Roberts


Photography: Tracy Burch Photography – Lexington, KY

Dress: House of White – Newburgh, IN

Venue: 20 West – Newburgh, IN

Florist: Petal and Pine – Owensboro, KY

Film Processing: PhotoVision – Salem, OR


mother zipping daughters wedding dress

mother looking at daughter in wedding dress

bride getting wedding veil off of hanger

maid of honor looking at brides veil

bridesmaid getting her makeup done

bridesmaids seeing bring for the first time in her wedding dress

flower girl looking at bride

bride looking at herself in the mirror

ceremony site

brides flowers

bride and groom portrait

bride and groom smiles at each other

bride with bridesmaids

bride and groom walking

flowers growing up the wall

bride and groom dancing

guest at the wedding dancing


May wedding at 20 West

July 17, 2018

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