bride and groom

I know I talk a lot about how amazing my clients are, but these two are absolutely no exception. Jeremy and April have been a dream to work with along our journey together. Their compassion for others is impeccable and shows through their kindness and gestures. Jeremy baked a loaf of bread for me and brought it to our engagement session, he must have known the way to my heart is food! =) They openly show their love for Christ and it is true testament to their character.
Here is a little snippet of their love from the thoughts of Jeremy:

Life is but a song, waiting to be written and sung. The words that follow shall be a mere attempt to capture but for a second the essence of the love that binds April and me. Here is a glimpse into our past, and a peek into the passages of the next verse in our story.

April and I have known one another for over a decade. We come from different backgrounds, we pursue different career paths and passions, but only in the other do we find the answer to our dreams. For over a decade now there has been a force of attraction that pulls us together despite the intricate and opposite beings that we have always been. Although time and distance have dared try to divide us, our final story can only be written by the other’s hand. This is a tale of enduring, understanding, passionate love.

This is the story of a bond that is pure, a light in a dark world, beauty among the ugliness, and hope for the forgotten and forsaken.

For many people, life is a sprint, and love has become a forgotten, fleeting moment. However, the story of April and I is a vinyl record spinning on a sunny day, a glass of wine and all the time in the world. I pray that our story leads as an example, and brings dignity and beauty back into the definition of love.

Our relationship is not without its wounds, though the scars we wear proudly as symbols to the world that our love cannot be broken, it cannot be shattered, and no other shall come between us. It is a love that has and always will transcend its transgressions, a beauty that even as I write these words I feel within every fiber of my being. April, you and I are a beautiful cliché. Set it free and it shall return: we did that. High school sweethearts, we did that too. God made you for me, and me for you.

To the reader, I hope your heart is warmed by these words, for you will find nothing but truth in these writings. To sum up the purpose I seek, let me offer this vision.

Years from now when I am old and gray, or if my story has come to an end, and I have passed away, I pray that my grandchildren speak sweetly of the story of April and me. I pray that we provide them hope that true love will transcend all odds, that there is incredible beauty in this world despite what the news will tell you, and that if you dream and have faith, God will answer your prayers with a beautiful angel as sweet as my April Rose.

Life is not forever so make the most of every moment you are given. The only way I know how to do that is sharing my life with April Rose. I cannot wait to do that for the rest of my days.

Beautiful, right?! Jeremy and April, I wish you a life of love and happiness! <3

photography: Tracy Burch Photography – Lexington, KY

venue: Briar Rose Hill – Bethpage, TN

flowers: Briar Rose Hill – Bethpage, TN

dress shop: LVD – Nashville, TN

dress designer: Sarah Seven

film processing: Photo Vision Prints – Salem, OR

cake: Patty Cakes – Nashville, TN

catering: Crave – Nashville, TN

makeup: Amanda Heifner – Nashville, TN

hair: Leigh Knaggs Beauty – Nashville, TN

calligraphy: Katie Vehr Calligraphy – Nashville, TN

brides shoes

groom buttoning coat

calligraphy letter


sisters hugging

wedding dress


mother and daughter


mother zipping daughters dress

bride adjusting veil

first look

bride and groom

bride and groom

bride and groom

bride and groom

bride and groom

bride with bridesmaids

bride with bridesmaids


flower girl

groom spinning bride

bride and groom portraits


bride and groom

bridal portrait

briar rose hill venue


dad zipping brides dress

table setting

table setting

wedding cake

table decor

wedding cake

head table

ceremony music

sparkler exit


Briar Rose Hill Wedding

October 10, 2018

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